First ever blog..Here it goes!!

Hi Everyone


Its taken me a month of Sundays to actually post something. I’ve been so nervous about writing a blog, lots of self-doubt and reluctance, but then I thought, well, everyone starts from somewhere, and this is the exact reason why i wanted to start blogging, to do something different!

I love change and trying new things that push me into uncharted waters, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, as well as do something for myself other than exercise, as thats really the only outlet I have to get into a zone. I love music, art, books and makeup, I have always loved taking photos from when I was a child.  My father is a self-taught photographer and gave me my first brownie camera when i was 8 years old. Taking photos of my makeup and talking about them, even if briefly on my Instagram page @lulus_palette has been the most random, unexpected endeavour, I really didn’t think I would be getting my creative juices going when I started my account, in fact, I did it to just see what happened, I had no idea about content, and pleasing pictures, but I caught on quick and so did my excitement to get better, and learn about this whole new world of beauty on Instagram. In a short time I realised that I really loved  this  new community of people, who were encouraging and OMG…actually liked my photos and gave me positive feedback. Ive made lovey new friends and find every day inspiring, I love seeing everyones perspective through their lens and look forward to seeing  their pictures daily.

I wanted an outlet to talk about all the great and not so great products I have purchased and used, as well as share some of my other passions in life other than makeup. I love to talk about anything and everything with a desire to write and tell a story, plus I’m over hearing my friends telling me “Just go ahead and bloody do it already Lu!!!” I kind of procrasinate when I’m unsure and not confident.

My friends and two very kind bloggers have given me the impetus to take the bull by the horns and listen to the blogger within, and give it a crack, so here I am, no idea, with plenty of enthusiasm and fudging my way through it all.

If  you have made it this far….THANKYOU!!! 

Much love LuLu XO

22 thoughts on “First ever blog..Here it goes!!

    1. Thankyou lovely, I need to Thankyou for all your support, I’m happy I uploaded my first and now eager to post another, and look forward to working together sometime soon if you would like too xx


  1. Yay you took the leap!!
    I really loved this first post 🙂
    I’m sure most of us have felt the exact same way (I know I have) right before doing or starting something that really puts yourself out there!
    Keep it up girl! 🙂 xo

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    1. Thanks!! I’m just so relived I did it because now I can really relax and enjoy the process from here.. As scary as it was for me, I had fun writing , I appreciate you reading it Maria xx


  2. Congrats girl!! Happy you’re taking the jump! It’s also how it started for me! You know you have to start a blog, when you can’t stop talking about a topic and that all your surroundings tell you that you need to share it with the world!! xoxo Sarah


    1. Thankyou immensely for replying and reading , so true, when your surrounded by so many people telling you to just go for it and everything falls into place 🌟☺️

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  3. Gooood work lovely!! Loved reading your first post. It super daunting I can totally relate having started this journey myself in the last few months. Thanks for always being positive and lovely xxx


    1. I know!! I had a mini sweat feast when I pressed send!! I’m still trying to work out my blog page, but I just needed to get it done.. It’s actually very reassuring having you respond and letting me know it’s all ok and normal.. Xx


  4. Well done honey! You have inspired me to get off by butt and bite the bullet too!
    I’ve loved watching your tips and tricks on your lulus palette insta and I always anticipate the next!
    Well done
    Much love right back at you xx

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    1. Oh wow!!! I can’t tell you how much that means to me, but I will say, don’t hold back on anything you’ve been dreaming about, just do it, even if you suck at it , you’ll only get better from where you start. Whatever it is, that your wanting to start is love to know and I’d love to support you too , Thankyou Sandra xo 😘😘


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