Cinch – Face Cheat

Hey! Welcome back lovelies,

I’ve been dying to write about this great little bottle of awesome I picked up at Priceline. My new purchase has really kinda blown me away with how it’s improved my dry skin to a more supple and glowing face.

Cinch Face cheat

I had seen this little bottle of pink and white all over Instagram, I was drawn to the cuteness of the packaging and the clever name, which only made me want to read about it. I was happy firstly to see that its an Australia brand..YAAYYY!! and local too ..bigger YAAAYYY!!!

What is Cinch’s Face Cheat Moisteriser + Glow claim to us?

Face Cheat is a 72 hr moisturiser in a spray bottle. Instantly illuminates your skin. reduces the appearance of wrinkles, minimises pores and primes your skin ready for perfect makeup application or natural glow bare faced. Face cheat is a “Cinch” to our beauty regimes girls…and guys!


I’ve been using Face cheat for three weeks now, and I have to say the sheer fact that I can cut out a couple of steps of my morning and nightly skin care  routine is already a win for me. I have dry to normal skin , not prone to breakouts, don’t get dry patches, but my skin is thirsty AF, and if I don’t drink enough water or moisturise, my skin becomes dull, my pigmentation is more obvious and I become very deyhrated around my eyes and cheeks.

Enter Face cheat, I have not had a dry spell even with the lazy days of water consumption and my face looks healthy and shiny on my non makeup days. My freckles and pigmentation are here to stay, however my daughter noticed that my face looks more even toned and healthier, and I have to agree. I love the easiness of this product, wash my face, spray onto my hand for extra absorption and off I go. I spray lightly over my face if I feel I  need to freshen up and want a subtle glow.

Face Cheat is free of Preservatives, parabens, synthetic fragrance ,mineral oils, sulphate detergents and urea. Cinch is  vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

You can buy direct from the website or at Priceline , 100ml bottle retails for $39.00, but if your look out for sales at Priceline you can pick it up cheaper.

Cinch. Face Cheat is definitely going to be a handy bottle I’m  keeping in my bathroom and handbag at all times.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it as much as I do if you decide to try it out.

Until next time, happy days guys,

Lulu xo

10 thoughts on “Cinch – Face Cheat

    1. You will love it, it doesn’t really have a smell to it, just a faint scent but not perfumed and not noticeable unless you sniff your hand after spraying 😂 Thanks for reading lovely 💗💗


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