Easy White – Teeth Whitening Pen

Hi guys, welcome back

Today I wanted to write about a product I was fortunate to have been asked to sample and review by Easywhite. I have been using the Easy White Pen for a over three weeks now. I used it solidly for over a week, however the first few days I wasn’t applying enough product to my teeth…. sigh. So it took me longer to achieve results.
I was excited to try this because of its simplicity, time efficiency and gentleness on sensitive teeth.

I purchased a teeth whitening kit from my dentist a few years ago it cost around  $200, a total waste of money,  I was so disappointed and had to stop using it because my teeth were screaming ” OUCH!!” I couldn’t handle the sensitivity I was experiencing ….think current of electrical shocks shooting through your teeth… I had no choice but to abort.

Easy white Express pen looks like a high end concealer, the packaging is very attractive and sleek, if you know me…Im the biggest sucker for attractive packaging! Its slim size allows you to put it in you makeup purse or work bag… for the blokes who may be reading (It’s ok..we all know the guys secretly peek). You could easily use this on the go if you are going out after work or in between appointments during the day if you want a quick brighten up. I used mine in the mornings after breakfast, takes not even 5 minutes of your time, so easy!


It’s very easy to apply, you simply twist the dial clockwise at the bottom of the pen, this will release the gel to the top of the brush. It’s so slim that you can apply the gel at the back of your mouth which is harder to reach. Brush over the areas you think need more whitening.  I only concentrated on the three front and bottom teeth to gauge change, for the purpose of the review and brushed more toward the gum as my teeth looked more discoloured there. I did not feel any  pinching , shocks or any pain, all I experienced was a slight tingle sensation caused by the peppermint extract. That was ok, not bothersome and disappeared after a couple of minutes.

I drink LOTS of coffee, way too many to divulge without shaming myself, my teeth could and would be whiter if not for my caffeine consumption, before you all gag my  teeth are not yellow, or badly discoloured more  of a cream hue and dull.

Three days of use and not much of a change…well thats a bummer … until day four when I realised I wasn’t using it properly! I always take the scenic route instead of the easy road. I  dialled it up and a whole heap of gel popped up… AHHH!! So that’s what’s supposed to come out. Three days down the drain, but faith returned because I buggered it up, after proper application however, I saw a noticeable change toward the root of my teeth near my gum line.The discolouration had lightened and the dullness had lifted, my teeth looked fresher. YAAAYYY!!!

Within 7 days, there was a noticeable difference, not dramatic, however, I was really pleased with the colour change, my toothy pegs actually looked whiter.  I stopped using it daily, I continued with applying every 3-4 days and now weekly. I don’t think there is much product left, that’s the only negative, if you want to nit pick, you can’t see how much your using. I think the pen yields two solid weeks worth of product perhaps  a little more. I am buying one to keep handy for quick brightening before going out as I’ve noticed now they have lightened up, when I apply it, they instantly brighten up.. Great for dates or nights out!! Bright mouths improve your smile game two fold and if your lucky you might score a nice pash 😉

It’s a very affordable pen to buy at $29.99, I recommend trying it if you want an easy system that’s gentle , convenient and delivers. You can order Easywhiteau online.

I was gifted  the Easywhite express pen and asked to review honestly and transparently, this is not a sponsored post, my review is based on my experience.

Hope you liked it and until next time, have a great weekend guys

Much love


14 thoughts on “Easy White – Teeth Whitening Pen

    1. I have read so much about oil pulling even have articles saved but have never actually tried it, it has many other health benefits too doesn’t it? The pen is good, if your teeth are in good condition but need brightening. I had improvement but not blinding white teeth, it did change the dullness. I am going back to my oil pulling articles now. Thankyou for the reminder☺️🙌🏼


  1. I found it so much easier to use, it’s not as potent as the led systems but if you teeth are not overly yellow , it’s a great buy.
    Thabkyou for taking the time to read it Maria


  2. I’ve only ever use the teeth whitening systems which come with teeth moulds and the LED light.
    This has made me want to try out a whitening pen 🙂

    Loved this review Luisa!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. After my first experience I just left it and never considered it again, until I was asked to use this.. It’s not potent and you don’t get extreme whiteness but you definately get a brighter look to your teeth., it’s cheap enough to try and see what you think. Thavkyou for reading lovely ☺️☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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