Revlon Sculp &Highlight Contour Kit.

Hey there guys and welcome back to my blog, hope your all having a lovely weekend so far. 

Today I’m talking contour!! 

I am by no means an expert on contouring, in fact this is my first and only contour palette, and I brought it because its small and simple to use and as I’m no afficinado, I thought it’s simplicity would be a great.

I’ve not brought a contour palette for any reason in particular, I do contour with my bronzers ( TooFaced Chocolate Soliel, The Balm Bahama Mama) however I have not ever felt I needed to do the whole Kim K thing. Truth be told, contour palettes never appealed to me because I didn’t think I would ever need all those shades and felt it may be a waste of money, only because I didn’t think I would ever use more than two pans, leaving me 4-6 colours going to waste. Im not an avid user of pressed  or setting powders, I think too many layers of product on mature skin is not condusive with my makeup goals, it accentuates the very thing I’m trying to disguise…FINE LINES and AGE!!


Revlon Sculpt and Highlight grabbed my attention,not only is it a smaller compact, I think its functional and will be used in more ways other than contouring for me, if I find I really like using it in my makeup routine, I may venture out and buy a more comprehensive contour palette.

Revlon Sculp and Highlight comes in two shade combinations, Light/Medium and Medium/Tan, I brought the Medium /Tan, because I’m  on the darker spectrum of the colour wheel. The palette has four pans each to be used on different areas of your face to sculpt and define.It’s all about creating an optical illusion, shade and light gives you chiselled cheekbones and helps minimise the features you don’t want to draw attention to. You will find a card of instructions for begginers  inside and well known international beauty blogger Chloe Morello has a tutorial you can view on Revlons website to show you how to use it.

BANANA : Conceal and brighten under the eyes – I loved this, and thats something because I never powder under my eyes, this did not settle into my  fine lines and added a bit of brightness to my concealer, it was very subdued. It could be brighter on the fairer skinned girls, I think thats why it was perfect for me because I hate too much powder and that super bright under eye highlight.

GLOW.    : Highlight your best features- This glow is really really pretty, Its beautiful for a natural and soft glow during the day. Its not blinding, so I wouldn’t use it for night time  but I would use it for day time alone with just bronzer also. Its a rose coloured glow and I think would suit all skin types.

BRONZE:  Add warmth and depth- I LOVE this coloured Bronzer!! Its a beautiful warm coloured powder, very easy to blend and gives you just the right amount of flush and warmth to bring life to your face. 

SCULPT:  Contour and define – This pan is slightly cooler toned but still warm enough to compliment my skin tone, and I loved it because it did not look muddy at all, when I bronzed on top of the defined contour line it blended beautifully.

Revlon palette is perfect for me because its a warm coloured contour palette, I don’t like cool contour shades on my face, I look sallow and dirty skinned if that makes sense,  I prefer a subtle contour, as I’m not into the slice em with your sharp cheekbones look.

The palette does throw off a bit of product when you pick it up with your brush, I would says its somewhat powdery, but did blend very well. The palette is not crazy pigmented, it shows up nicely with first application and makes it easier to build if you want a more defined contour. It is defintaley buildable and feels buttery when you swatch it.

The contour palette is housed in a black square compact and has a net weight of 10gms. It looks sleek, minimal and stylish, not cumbersome or bulky, perfect for travelling or to carry in your makeup purse, it’s a practical little compact .

About the product:

Designed in collaboration with Chloe Morello (International beauty blogger). Formlated with BlendFX technology,Revlon claims the powder not only sculpts and highlights where applied, it will also help blur imperfections. I can’t say it blurred my imperfections but I did like how it applied and the contour I achieved was lovely and finished off nicely with all the other products in the palette. I loved that I used all of them, ill admit the banana will probably be the least used, however the other three will be given a good run for their money, so I do feel that this compact is worth the money, not only is it a decent product for an affordable price, its one that can be used in its entirety.

Revlon Sculpt and Highlight Retails for $24.95 at Priceline, and I have seen it on sale in local pharmacies for $20.oo so keep your eyes open for sales because you can easily pick this up for a cheaper cost.

I would not recommend this to anyone who already has a more comprehensive contour palette, contours daily and very proficient in applying it. In my opinion this is a great begginer palette or for those of us who contour with our bronzers and want to step it up and see how a palette works for us.

Thanks for dropping buy , until next time, wishing you a great week ahead

Lulu xo

35 thoughts on “Revlon Sculp &Highlight Contour Kit.

    1. Thankyou babe, your feedback is muchly appreciated 😍I really like it because I’m a total newbie to contour palettes, but it’s great for bronzing, and highlighting for everyday.


  1. I am obsessed with this palette – I agree with you completely, it is perfect for beginners (like me). I love all the shades so much, which is surprising, I thought I wouldn’t use the banana powder at all but even that has been getting love from me. Great review Lulu! πŸ’•

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    1. Thanks babe 😍 yes, surprised I’m using the banana powder too, I usually don’t. I love that’s it’s so buttery and easy to use, and bc I’m new at this it has been a great palette to use and get confident with.. Thankyou for taking the time to read also Hun 😍😘

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  2. I loved your post! I’m not one to go for the Kim K look either πŸ˜‚ You hit the nail on the head as to why I never bought a contour palette because I also felt like half the colors would go to waste! This palette sounds like a good starting point though and it’s warm toned which I love! I hope they have one like this in the states

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Alexandra, Thankyou so much for your lovely reply, and that you enjoyed it. It is very warm toned and you use all the pans. I really hope you have this in the US because usually we miss out here in Australia, I assumed if we have it you definately would, I hope you find it ☺️☺️


  3. Awesome review!! I’ve always shied away from contouring… frankly it scares me … but the simplicity of this picques my interest. Love your reviews Lulu πŸ’–

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  4. Thanks for the review lovely!!! I love contouring and have a few palettes now so feel like I don’t need this, but it does sound nice and easy to use! Xxx

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      1. I have the Australis one (which is average) and the Anastasia Beverly Hills one which is so goood (in cream and powder). But I generally only use for a night out. Generally like you, I just stick to bronzer for contouring during the week ☺️😘

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      2. I’m just really getting into cream products and I love them!! if you are trying to avoid that powdery caked on look, you would probably really like a cream contour. Provides such a luminous look that I don’t find you can get sometimes with powders.

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      3. That is great advice and now that you have said that i can’t believe i didn’t even think of it that way…Of course a cream contour would look better and not caked ….you recommend the ABH didnt you? I think i will look into this palette. xoxo


  5. I know what you mean, big contour palettes always have shadea that are too dark/light that you’ll never use which is such a waste of money. This one looks great and I love that it’s not too pigmented so you can intensify as you like. Great review.
    Lots of love
    Desi (stunnydesi_loves on IG)

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