Favourite Nyx Products I use everyday

Hey there Babes!!

Today I’m talking about my favourite drug store products by Nyx.There is no secret I’m a big fan of drugstore makeup brand Nyx. Nyx is affordable, has an extensive range covering all bases with variety for each product, they give you lots to choose from and for the most part are a great quality brand, sure there have been some fails but mostly wins, and whats a win for me may not be for you, we all have personal favourites and i wanted to share some of my everyday go to products that I love.


I always use and eye primer, and yes you can use your concealer as i once did, but i find that the primer base gives my shadow a tacky base to stick to and my eyeshadow lasts all day. If im not wearing eye shadow I still like putting this on as is gets rid of that redness on my lids and veins, its like concealer for under the eye only it’s for your lids, sometimes concealer creases on the lid, this product doesn’t.


Blush is a new product in my makeup drawer, I’ve never really liked the way it looked on me, however with the influence of Instagram and its beauty community, some great tips and recommendations,  here I am, 360 turn around and really liking  a faint flush of blush. I purchased the ombré blush because it looked so pretty, and also because it has won best drug store blush a the Glamour Beauty awards. It has two shades in one compact that you can use together or separately, the gradient effect of the blush colours are not only gorgeous but easy to apply..I love it when its easy!! A quick swipe on the apple of my cheek,sweeping  upwards along my cheekbone lightly and I’m done in seconds. Ombré blush colours are suitable for many skin tones fair, medium and tan.

Beauties, please meet Strictly Chic and Nude To Me. Ombré blush.


Nyx Matte Bronzer has been a wonderful find, I’m a bit of a snob with bronzers and never looked at drug store brands, I’ve always found that more expensive bronzers are much better in quality and colour… HOWEVER…priceline had a sale a few months ago, and I got all swept away in the moment, I just grabbed the blushes and there it was looking at me all sleek and adorable, like a moth to a flame I grabbed, swatched, swatched again and ahhhhh…mmmmm…this could be good, and I grabbed it. I was  impressed with the colour and its buttery texture,  I love how it blends, and it comes in three shades, I of course brought the darkest but I could get away with the medium also. The Matte bronzer comes in three shade, light, medium & deep tan and  retails for $17.95. Snob be gone and I will never assume anymore as  Nyx have a winner here.Even on non makeup days I will swoosh some bronzer on my face to give me life.  It’s nice for a light contour also.


Ok, so if you know me, you are well aware genetics have blessed me with enough eyebrow to never have to worry about sparseness, I really would have been a fierce competitor with Frida Kahlo, thank god I was spared the mono though!!

Years of waxing and some bad threading experiences over the years, I have a couple of spots that just don’t grow back.  Nyx micro brow 0.5 pencil is bomb for  these little spots as its easy to fill them in precisely, It’s fine tip makes it easy to control to create a nice line or fill in.This great little item has become my only brow pencil since I purchased it last Christmas, it has a retractable pencil and a handy spoolie brush on the opposite end and comes in a variety of shades….only $16.95..Your welcome!!


Girls, highlight is LIFE!!! I got started on the highlight train about 7 years ago when Revlon released a cream tube, it was all that was out there really, I was instantly besotted. Luminous glow  on the high points of your face gives you a more youthful appearance, I use it for both day and night…a subtle glow during the day is really pretty and at night with more intensity looks  dramatic and glam.  Strobe of Genius Illuminating palette is absolutely GOR-GEOUS!!! It’s not expensive, has 7 amazing shades that you can use individually or layer. Layering is fun and can really give you extra blind factor for a night out. You can also use this to add some shimmer to your lids and the inner corner of your eye. Highly recommend this highlight palette!!!


The Lipstick Nyx counter at target 2 years ago is where is all started for me, i was browsing and came across the Soft Liquid Mattes, they were so cheap so I picked up a few, and when I tried them on I was so surprised at how nice the applied. Soft liquid matt is not a traditional matte, more creamy but a flat colour. I love the smell, its kind of vanilla scented, they are not long wearing but so easy to apply, reapply and throw in your bag with so many great colours to choose from. My favourites in this line are Abu Dhabi and Stockholm, they have lots of pretty nudes, and vibrant colours also.

I also love the butter gloss lipsticks and these compliment both the soft matte and lingerie lipsticks if you want to add gloss otherwise these are perfect for everyday, running errands, keeping your lips soft and supple with a really lovely colour payoff. My favourites are Madeline and Tiramisu.

Lastly the Nyx Lingerie line is one of my favourite liquid matte lipsticks. The formula is not drying and wears comfortably, it last for hours even after a few coffees it does transfer a little so it’s not bullet proof but it does stain you lips and stays there, it can feel a bit cakey with reapplication, so I just touch up around the areas that have faded. I wish we had a more extensive colour choice I love all the nudes in this range, but would love to see a few pink and rose coloured nudes. My favourites in this line are Exotic and Push UP.


So there you have it, my daily favourites with Nyx, there are many more great products that I love by Nyx. If you enjoyed this blog and would like more posts like this about other affordable brands let me know as I would love to share more of my go to products.

Have yourselves a great day and see you back here soon babes.


Much Love , Lulu xoxo


15 thoughts on “Favourite Nyx Products I use everyday

    1. Thankyou for stopping by, I’m happy you got something out of my post, and Thankyou for your compliment too. These are three great products to start and try.. and Thankyou for the follow I’ll be sure to visit you too 😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh you are welcome. The best thing is to find people who recommend good product. Thank you for your amazing post. Can’t wait to read more. Also thank you for the follow. I truly appreciate it🤗👍


  1. I know right!!! Come on guys. We are a bad influence for each other when it comes to makeup purchases. Also wanting to pick up the blush, I’ve never seen it either in store. Need to go on the hunt I think 😘😘😘


  2. Gorgeous post!!! My first ever blog post was NYX, they have a special place in my makeup heart hahha. The glow palette is absolutely divine!!!!! I dropped mine so seriously need to replace it. I also was going to buy the brow pencil after you recommended a while ago, but my Priceline was a mess and they had barely any shades 😦 need to visit again. Beautiful pics too babe. Great post, absolutely loved it ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’ve made me want to go out and buy some NYX! I’ve only ever tried a soft matte lip cream and a butter gloss (both I ADORE) so I don’t know why I don’t have any more. I’ve nearly runout of my ABH eyebrow pencil but am going to get a NYX one next after so many people recommending them. Great read thanks Hun xxx


    1. Thanks for dropping by Gem!!! I have to say that i have really enjoyed the micro brow pencil…and i used to use the hourglass one…nowhere near as luxurious but much easier to be precise with and cheap as!!!

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  4. I love the Ombre Blush I have (though not used enough) but I’ll have to try the Bronzer out and the eyebrow pencil. I’ve bought so many eyeshadow primers and didn’t like them though that I’m currently using Concealer again. Next time there’s a sale, I’ll have to pick it up and there’s also a white Eyeshadow base I’ve heard people swear by I want aswell. Great post 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I also have the white primer but im not keen on that really, it has shimmer, perhaps because im darker in complexion its looks super white on my lids…The white chubby eyeshadow stick is better i think. Thanks for stopping by Nyobie xx

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  5. I really wish we had Nyx at our local Priceline 😩. I love their lipsticks and that strobing palette is awesome! I need to try the bronzer and eyebrow pencil though. Great post Luisa!
    Michelle xx

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