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Hello babes!! 

I thought I would chat about my little brow routine, and how simple it is, I’m a simple gal  when it comes to brows, I like them looking very neat but and well shaped. My day brow is the same as my going out on the town brow, neat and tidy, never bold and precise .

My routine is quick and easy, I can’t be bothered putting too much time into my brows,  I  end up looking freaky if I really define them, they are naturally dark, and thick, defining them to perfection doesn’t look right. I have been blessed with plenty of eyebrow and thankfully even heavy plucking and waxing to a thin line hasn’t resulted in baldness, although, it did take a while to grow them to a suitable shape, which was a real pain, these products made  that in between stage easier to get through.

I get my brows threaded regurlarly and I’m specific about not touching the tails or the starting point of my brow, I only want tidy ups and no shaping, as it’s taken me forever to grow them back to a thickness and shape I am happy with. Did you know that thicker brows make you look younger? The thiner they are, the older you look…keep em natural chickies.. Mono brow exlcluded!

I use three products, that are basically goof proof. I have used expensive products that were amazing and really beautiful, however when I discovered two very affordable ones that worked just as well and  impressed me, I  stuck with them.

One of these brow products is a  dupe for a high end product I always used.

Are you wondering what it is?

Keep reading and I’ll let you know….


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel


Brought this about a year ago and it still has a bit of product left, I like this but I don’t it reach for it all that often because it is not the best colour brown for my brows, but it’s workable.  It adds thickness and instendity to my brows and sets them well, they don’t move, its a lovely formula however the applicator is quite large and can get messy, I have thick eyebrows and find this applicator needs better attention when applying , if i can make a mess of this one, I don’t know how thinner browed ladies would like it…This is my least favourite, not because of quality, I can’t fault the formula, the applicator lets it down, if it were smaller it would be perfect. It’s the most expensive product of the three retailing at $22.

Nyx Micro Brow Pencil 0.5

This baby is my ride or die, I have not looked back after buying it last Christmas, I wasn’t expecting anything other than to see what it was like and I instantly fell in love because the fine pencil tip is SO easy to use, it’s allows you to feather and blend effoerlessly, drawing a defined line is also easy without worrying about going too thick and needing to wipe it off, and the spoolie on the end helps blend it all out. I use this every day, I have repurchased a few times already, it doesn’t last long  but this is a quarter of the price of  higher end brow pencils, so  I don’t care if I need a new one every 6 weeks or so. This comes in a nine different shades, I’m not sure what the selection is for lighter haired ladies, the lightest shade is taupe , for the darker blondes or brunettes there are a few for us to choose from…I use espresso.

Girls, you should give this a try if your not great at penciling in as the fine tip really helps you to control the feathering and fill in without any difficulty. It’s relatively cheap , I paid $16.95 at Priceline ( currently on sale for $11.95), it’s also available at target. Worth a try I say!!

Essence Make me Brow Gel

Of course I saved the best till last!!! So, if not for the world of Instagram, I would never have stumbled across this product, and to be honest the brand either, sure I’ve noticed it at Pricline but I never bothered to take any notice of it aussiming it was a less than impressive drug store brand. Well, I was wrong, and not just a bit, a whole lotta wrong. I have come to realise that not only do essence have a great brow product, they have many other really beautiful products that are reviewed impressively, particularly mascara and blush, ok…back to the brow gel that is AH-MAZIIING!!!

Personally I think that this is a dupe for the Benefit  Gimme Brow ( I know even the name is almost identical) the packaging was exactly the same but Benefit have since changed the the look of their product, as they were identical. Essence brow gel formula is so good for just a teeny tiny $5!!!  It comes in two shades, dark brown and a lighter colour for the fairer lass’s, this is probably one negative, the colour selection may not suit everyone. It holds my brows in place, adds fullness and thickness and my brows stay put, until I wash it off with my facial oil. Before buying this I used the Benefit brow gel, and loved it…LOVED IT!! I now love this equally and the price even more! It’s easy to use with a perfect little applicator, 1/3 of the size of the ABH one, this is why I  reach for this more. Its so easy to slap on when you just gotta get outta the house in seconds, you don’t have to be prescise, just swipe and your good to go and if you have some more time, take a bit more care and work it along your brow for a more intense and manicured look in conjunction with the brow pencil. I use it from the middle of my brow and brush in upward strokes , I start from the middle because I personally don’t like dark brown brows from the top of the Brow, makes me look crazy !! thats just my personal taste though. We all do things differently, there is no wrong or right with makeup application, as long as it works for you.

 I highly recommend this product girls, I’ve stocked up, I don’t want to be empty handed …. EVER!!!



Thats it girls, they are my three favourite brow products, let me know if you have any great brands I might enjoy as much a I do these.

Until next time lovelies,

Lulu xo

22 thoughts on “All about the brow

  1. Essence is one of my favorite brands! I’m definitely picking this up the next time I shop. I loved reading this review.. Waiting for more! 💕 Keep writing such fabulous posts 😎

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  2. Guurl same! Brows are probably the thing I spend the least time on, I can’t be bothered hahah. Being blessed with dark & full brows are such a blessing, and we do save a lot of time! I remember my sister used to thread my brows, and I had sorts of knicks around my brow :/ Nyx pencil for the win 😀 ❤

    Beauty On A Budget

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    1. Those dam Knicks!! I had you picked as a blonde!!! Yep, the Brow gods were kind to us 🙌🏼🙌🏼 how lucky she can thread your eyebrows… i have to go every two weeks before they start going all Frieda Khalo 🤣🤣

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      1. No, not at all hahaha I have super dark hair, almost black like. Honestly she would make my brows so uneven, it’s not even funny! Now I do my own brows at home, and they’re the best they ever looked 😀 I feel you on that Frida Khalo thing hahaha

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      2. I tell you, in my teenage years, I hated them! I’m hopeless at doing my brows, dreadful really, I should be proficient , would save me money too! Isn’t is funny how we picture others, honestly imagined blonde blue eyes and fair, I think it’s bc Your from Norway and I assume everyone is blonde 🙈


  3. Great Post Luisa! I haven’t tried the Essence brow gel yet as it is always out of stock….so frustrating. I know what you mean by heavy defined brows making you look crazy, I think if mine are too dark and too defined I look really angry. Not a great look. I am currently liking my Makeup Geek Contour Powder (its the perfect colour) with my ABH angled brush to shade in the brows as mine are not very thick and I have a few patches where I am still trying to get hair to grow. But I really want to try the brow wiz pencil. Sounds perfect for me.

    Michelle xx |
    IG: @shellie_belle_

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    1. Thankyou Michelle, so much!! You have me interested in makeup geek shadows and now I’m curious about the Brow powder, I am missing a really good angled Brow brush so I’m looking at this on my next sephora trip.. I’m more than happy to send one over to you Hun.. we always have lots in stick here.
      Lol… yes.. I look angry and freaky, can’t handle super dark brows on me.. yours always look perfect ☺️☺️

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      1. It’s not meant to be a brow powder it is her contour powder but the colour is the best I have found for my brows so far. And it is cheap and quite a big pan (the size of a blush). Oh I have had some bad eyebrow days 🙈😂

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      2. Hey if it’s perfect colour that’s fabulous!! You get more use from the palette… you have mentioned how much you love her contour .. this is another plus 👌🏼oh god., so have I Michelle… my teenage years were bad full stop 🤣🙈😳

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  4. I ADORE Essence’s Brow Gel! I first tried it because of one of my Ipsy bags and fell. in. love. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to your future posts! I would love it you could stop by sometime!
Mena |

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