Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer


Good Sunday to you all, on the blog today is a little beauty I have been using for over a year and since it is my Winter base I wanted to fill you all in on this lovely foundation. I have not purchased the new reformulated bottle, but I have purchased the reformulated concealer, which is a new product purchase for me.

I have dry / normal skin, and I  tan very easily.  I'm medium skin toned in Winter and Dark Medium in Summer. Bourjois foundation has an ok colour range, however, I can only use this in Winter as the darkest shade is the a perfect match when I'm my palest. If you have a darker complexion, you may not find a colour match unfortunately, and  the fairer chickies, this could also be an issue  for you also if you are very very pale. Bourjois!! Too many girls are missing out!! Please extend your colour range!!

First impressions when I used this was ugh, what is that smell???  I wasn't keen on the fruity scented fluid and to be honest I'm still not partial to it, I do believe that the new formula is not as strong scented. It's not an offensive smell, however I'm not keen on fragrant makeup, of course I am here talking about my go to Winter base, so it can't be all that bad, and it's not..I don't love the scent, but I do love the foundation, the scent disappears within seconds of applying and its a cross I can bare. ..some things ya just gotta get over, it's the only negative point apart from not having a darker shade for when I'm tanned.

Bourjois healthy mix foundation comes in a glass bottle with a red pump, I do appreciate foundation bottles with a pump, less wastage and much cleaner!  The bottle contains 30 ml of product and comes in 9 shades , I am the darkest shade light bronze number 56, the fairest shade is 50 in Rose Ivory. I believe that priceline only stock 6 of the nine shades available. Sigh, why don't we ever have the whole range with drugstore makeup.. total peeve!!

It retails for $21.75 , really good price for a good quality foundation, but if you grab it on sale its a complete steal.

Foundation Claims

Boosts radiance and a healthy glow, for a flawless complexion keeping your skin hydrated and luminous, and lasting for 16 hours.

 My Thoughts :

I've never kept foundation on longer than 10 hours really so I can't comment on the 16 hour claim, I will say that this foundation has staying power, I wear it to work and don't wash it off until bed time, its not as fresh of course, but it doesn't  break down on my face, it doesn't settle into my lines or creases either. I do always use a primer and a setting spray,  this gives me a few more hours of good coverage.

It is a medium consistency, not too runny or thick, it doesn't run when you pump it onto your hand, and blends very easily with your fingers and beauty sponge. I have used it with a makeup brush but wasn't a fan really, I needed to use more product. Using my fingers was easy, the warmth of my hands melted the product into my face effortlessly, I also used  a sponge to blend it in , I prefer the finish you achieve with a sponge . It didn't soak up a lot of product, but you do need to work faster to avoid that happening, using the sponge definitely was the best finish for me… natural and glowy. I like light to medium coverage, I always go for a light covereage during the day and a medium for night-time, this foundation feels like a second skin, you can also build it up more if you want full covereage. It covers up the slight redness I have on the top of my cheekbones and most of my freckles with a light application, you can still see the darker ones, it does even out my skin tone and I'm happy with some freckles and skin showing through.  Two full pumps and my imperfections are completely hidden, no freckles or pigmentation can be seen at all and this is usually what I do when I am doing a full glam look.

I don't set my makeup with powders, and the  foundation lasts all day, I'm aware this is very individual, this is because of my skin type, if your combination or have an oily complexion you will need to use setting powder , however you would already know that anyway.




Oh la la!! I have a few concealers  I rotate, none are expensive, all are drugstore and I think they are fantastico!!

I am a concealer hoarder and use it everyday even on no makeup ( almost no makeup) days. Bourjois released their reformulated products , couldn't justify buying the foundation with my spare untouched bottle needing to be opened so I wanted to try the concealer.

Well, well, well, I have not put this down since I brought it, what a great product guys! Its  very creamy, so easy to blend and perfect for covering up late or sleepless nights, or if your a mum that regular tired look we sport years …ugghh! I purchased the darkest shade of the three available and it covers my dark circles,  I love that it blends into the foundation and gives me a fresh undereye appreaance, I still want to buy the lightest shade so I can use it to highlight my under eye area, when I want to really brighten up my face.

I'm impressed that it stays on all day,  doesn't crease, look dry or cakey under my eyes, I do always moisterise because I know that it will help avoid all the above and help your product look its best. I prefer blending this product with my fingers, it works well enough with a beauty blender too, however I noticied that it thins out the consistency  and I needed apply more. Its melts and blends so well with the warmth of my fingers, so I have not bothered with the sponge..more work and more product.

The packaging is lovely its housed in a square bottle with a red lid and has a doe tip applicator. Upon first application it felt odd because the wand is much shorter than all the other concealers I own, I wont lie it felt awkward at first, but now that I've used it every day for well over a month, I don't' notice it anymore.

Will i repurchase this concealer? YES!!! I like it…dare I say…more than my Fit me and Age Rewind both by Maybelline, and both great concealers, that I will still use, now I have another favourite to add to my little family of cover up.

If i had to point out negatives,  it would have to be that it has a scent like the foundation, its mild not strong, scented product could irritate sensitive skin, so that is something to keep in mind, also there is not enough of a shade range, I think that it would be too dark for many women who are fair complextion, and too light for darker skinned women also, with only three to choose from, you can see that lots of women could miss out on finding a suitable match, expecially if they use concealor to highlight the face as well as cover up bumps and blotches, this is a shame as it is a really lovely product.

Has anyone used the older concealer formula? Or the new foundation formula?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on both these products if you have used them.

Thankyou for taking the tine to visit and read and hope that you enjoyed the review.

Enjoy your day!

Lulu xo

16 thoughts on “Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer

  1. My local Priceline doesn’t stock Bourjois but when I next go to one that does, I’ll have to try this foundation (and hope I can find a colour match). I’ve got so many Concealers though, one needs to be emptied before adding another πŸ™ˆ Great review on these two products Luisa πŸ™Œ


  2. Both of the products sounds amazing. I’m such a concealer hoarder, but I feel like I need this in my life! I love the Fit Me one, and if this ones is better, I’m sure I’ll love it! The only thing I hate it, is that I have order Bourjois online, astheir brand is not sold here :/ Really nice post, Luisa ❀
    Beauty On A Budget

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    1. I love the fit me, this is not as thick but still creamy and I love how it doesn’t sink into lines .. are you pale? Because I’ve heard the lightest shade can be too dark.. which is my gripe bc the darkest shade is my winter colour. I think online they have a bigger shade selection, but I hate risking it when I can’t swatch… Thankyou for reading Noreen πŸ’—πŸ’—


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