Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash & Rinse … Yeah, Meh or Malarkey?

There I sat pondering blog posts and writing ideas down in bed with my trusty Wonder Women cup full of coffee…hang in there…I'm going somewhere with this….as I was jotting things down I was also trying to diffuse that annoying voice in my head that started yapping when I was in the shower washing  my hair " Geez they look nice on my shower shelf, man they cost a lot of money! Are they really worth it though LU!"

I then decided to write about my Kevin Murphy hair care experience, after all, my inner voice was guiding me there, so why not.

Rewind 4 weeks ago, it was late and I was restless so I hopped online for a rendeveaux with my friend Adore Beauty, I was  in an add to cart state of mind, Kevin Murphy was beckoning and I was dreaming about thick luscious Lady Godiva locks. You should never grocery shop on an empty stomach…same goes for late online beauty shopping…don't do it after midnight! Nothing good comes from it, just guilt when you wake up and remember what you did last night…sigh

Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash & Rinse

I first came accross this plumping product at my usual shopping centre Highpoint in Melbourne, I passed a hair salon that stocks lots of great brands and I asked about the best shapmpoo and conditioners for volumising. Hello Kevin Murphy! The sales lady said this was one of the best they had, I saw the price and thought I needed to think about it.

The products are sulphate, paraben and alcohol free, they are  packaged in two different coloured pink plastic bottles with a big K embossing on each, the bottles are funky and on trend with the slight assymetrycal and unique shape. They both hold 250mls of liquid. The Plumping wash (shampoo) retails for $42.95 and the Plumping rinse (conditioner) retails for $43.95, both are a little more expensive if you purchase from a store.


Both the shampoo and conditioner are thick in consistency and both coated my long hair nicely and evenly with a 20cent sized dollop on my palm. Someone with really thick hair would need more, but someone with really thick hair would not be buying this unless they were losing hair.

This combo claims to help renew growth for those losing hair and also claims to thicken it for those who have fine hair.  I have a good amount of hair but its fine and lacks volume, (it's the only part of me I wish would gain weight UGHHH!!! ) I couldn't wait to try this out and see if it worked over a period of time or if i would see a difference with one wash and blowdrying.


Yeah, Meh or Malarkey?

I would not buy this product again, it's a complete waste of money. I would at least expect it to smell nice, and it doesn't, this was the first surprise and feelings of Meh creept in. I did not see any difference in my hair volume not initially and not after weeks of washing  daily 6 days of the week, in fact, dare I say it, my hair was even flatter…GASP…yes, its true. It seems this  product weighs down my hair, particularly when I double wash ( im now at Malarkey) I actually think this shampoo and conditioner may be better suited for unruley hard to manage hair.

Is it worth the $43 price tag? Not for me it isn't. I would not buy this again as it didn't fulfill its claim, it didn't even come close, my hair looks healthy in all its devolumised glory…soft, shiny & super flat!! $80 plus bucks gonski! I have paid less than half this amount on two different products I've purchased in the past that packed more punch. I'm aware a shampoo/ conditioner is not going to have me triple my hair follicles  overnight, however, I can assure  you that previous products I've used left me with fatter hair after washing and styling as promised and branded. I am disappointed because I thought this product would have provided better results or some result , this is one of those instances where price and name does not always equate to better product.

I have used Kevin Murphy products over the years and have always been very happy , however, this one, I'm sad to say, was an underwhelming product and a thumbs down for me.


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19 thoughts on “Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash & Rinse … Yeah, Meh or Malarkey?

  1. I’ve got the same type of hair – fine but lots of it so I get flyaways really easily but I also get hair that’s weighed down if I put too much product in it.

    I have tried a Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner before (I got talked into it by the sales assistant) and I wasn’t impressed with it or the price tag. Great review πŸ™Œ

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    1. Ohhhh , so you didn’t like it either? I was talked into it and really thought it would do something, but not the exact opposite of what I expected .. like you I need to watch how much product because it’s easily weighed down .. Thankyou for reading Nyobie πŸ’—πŸ’—

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      1. I didn’t like it at all and I can’t remember which range it was either but I’d imagine I’d have picked coloured hair or moisturising. I just feel it wasn’t suited to fine hair at all so maybe it was targeted at courser hair πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I’ve been using DeLorenzo for years now and even though I stray to other brands sometimes, I always go back to that one.

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    1. With all products it’s so individual isn’t it? I find it makes my hair look incredibly healthy and no flyaway , but there is no volume , plumping or thickening to be seen at all .. I’d love to hear your thoughts too 😊

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  2. That’s such a bummer :/ Tbh I do find some sales-peple tend to recommend you the more expensive product, just to get a bigger income 😦 Hahahah the place I wish I could add some weight would be my hair as well πŸ˜€ Have a great day/night ❀

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  3. Hi Lulu!! ❀️ Sad to hear about these disappointing products, I hope you find better ones that are more affordable and do the job! I loved how your personality shines in your posts, seriously the best part about reading your blog, I love your humour so much πŸ’› Also if you are stuck on blog posts, I could give you an idea or 2 😜 For example, I really want to know what are your holy grail products right now πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Or another idea is, do you stick to certain products during different seasons and switch it up or do you carry out a similar routine 😯 I hope this helps, I love your reviews and am genuinely interested to hear your thoughts πŸ˜‡ Have a great night ❀️

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    1. This is the nicest reply, Thankyou, it’s the first time I let more of me through my writing, Thankyou for your lovely feedback. I have taken on your suggestions and noted them down and will write about them.. Thankyou for taking the time to read and comment and I wish you a great night too lovely 😊 xx


  4. Hey lulu, great post & love your quirky story telling……great read & info…..Fan nΓΊmero uno…..πŸ’‹
    I haven’t used the shampoo & conditioners, however have used the hair product ‘KM night.rider’, which is a really awesome product for my short hair, but at $40 for 100g, & didn’t last very long, I started looking around…..
    Who would have thought that in the men’s isle of hair products hidden at the very bottom of the self of chemist warehouse….. I would find my dream hair product, working perfectly & almost identical in texture….’headgear’ matte shaper for men 100g for $10!!!!! & its Local……
    Wow I’m impressed & it’s a quarter of the price…..loving life….Tx

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    1. That’s awesome Tania’s I should put it on my stories for any other short haired girls.. and Thankyou for your support and time reading my blog..,it means a lot ❀️❀️


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